Orabi Tabiya

Orabi tabiya is one of the military castles founded by the French occupation on the ruins of the city of Ezbet al-Burj, north of Damietta more than two hundred years after the French campaign destroyed the old fortress for the people and resistance

At the time of the killing of many soldiers of the campaign of Napoleon, but after being aware of the importance of its location built again and fortified for fear of possible attacks from the Ottomans or the Englishman Mohamed era to take care of renewal and care as the first

Khedive Abbas Pasha and Khedive Ismail are of great importance to their defensive importance on the northern coasts of Egypt.
The architectural description of the castle consists of three main sections
The first is the walls, which represent an integrated defensive line beside the trench separating them. This line can achieve its task efficiently. It has to be easily supplied to the soldiers, including supplies, weapons and fortifications.

For the protection of the establishment of towers at close distances for easy communication between soldiers and Almorabin and organization of work where it was provided with trenches, corridors, towers and towers
Second: It includes buildings located in the western façade of the citadel and overlooking directly on the Nile, in addition to some parts of the currently rundown walls
The third section is located in the eastern part and also includes several buildings, one of which is likely to be the mosque, which is in the middle of the castle and the house of Al-Hakamdar, in addition to several stores for missions,

A modern paved road is currently one of the most important buildings of this section is a large red brick building consisting of a rectangular area that has been divided into two large rectangular pillars,

It is believed that this building was used as a slaughterhouse or dining room for soldiers, and four stables for horses each with a semi-circular vault. The building is adjacent to a rectangular building supporting all its rear facades

And the western and eastern three huge pillars of stone, which covers the roof of the form of beauty and is believed to have been used as a prison or prison, where the planning included the construction of a large kashlak and several stores for gunpowder,

Large was provided by water at the time of the absence of flooding and in the era of Khedive Ismael has built and increase the thickness of the walls and strengthen and clean the trench for its importance at the time.

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