Abdeen Palace Museum

Abdee Palace is oe of the most importat buildigs ad the most famous Egyptia palaces that bear witess to the history of moder Egypt. It was the seat of the govermet durig the period betwee 1872 ad 1952 sice the Khedive Ismail moved to it, leavig the castle, which was the seat of the govermet sice it was built by Saladi. This palace is the first begiig of the emergece of moder Cairo, where Khedive Ismael ordered the costructio of the palace immediately after he took power ad at the same time ordered the plaig of Cairo i the Europea style. Kig Fuad was the first to dedicate some of the palace halls to the preparatio of a museum to display the family’s top possessios of weapos, ammuitio, medals, decoratios ad other. Kig Farouk completed the work of the museum. The museum ad the additio of may holdigs, especially weapos of all kids, ad attached to the museum library specialized i this area. I the era of the former Presidet of the Republic, “Mohamed Hosi Mubarak” retured attetio to this great palace, has bee restored architectural ad techical overall, icludig the developmet ad moderizatio of the Museum of weapos by re-coordiatig ad display its cotets with the latest methods of display with the additio of a hall to display the various weapos received by “Mubarak” Differet. Two museums have bee created, oe of which presets the gifts Mubarak has received o atioal occasios or durig his travels i the coutries of the world. The secod museum displays the Mohammed Ali family’s holdigs of silver ad crystal vessels ad utesils ad other rare atiques. The palace curretly houses five museums: The Military Museum: The most importat exhibits are swords ad daggers, especially Muhammad Ali Pasha ad his so Ibrahim, ad a sword belogig to Suleima Pasha, the Fracois Pasha (the warlord durig the reig of Muhammad Ali), the sword of apoleo Boaparte, ad a special dagger of the Germa commader Rommel, ad two peguis maufactured o the occasio of the opeig of the Suez Caal, The ame of Kig Fouad ad Kig Farouk, i additio to medals ad medals ilaid with diamods ad precious stoes. Museum of Peace Museum of family holdigs “Mohammed Ali Pasha” Museum of Historical Documets Museum of silverware: It cotais may utesils ad tools used i cocerts held at the evets of the kigs ad prices of Mohammed Ali family, i additio to a rare collectio of vases ad bottles of fragrace from the work of the Frech artist “Emile Galle.”

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