Museum of Khufu Boat

This museum was established i 1954 i the souther part of the pyramid of Khufu, ad it was called the “Su Boat”. It was the believed that it was made for use by the kig o his two day joureys with the su god “Ra” I the sky of the day ad the sky of the other world at ight, while others said that the boat was used to trasfer the body of the kig from the bak of the East ile to the West Bak where he was buried. It was made of cedar wood imported from Lebao. It was foud i a pit covered with 41 blocks of limestoe ad dismatled to some 6,500 parts, arraged carefully together to be assembled. The paddles, ropes, the sides of the booths, . It took years to assemble the boat, ad was exhibited i the museum, which was set up i a detectio locatio.

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