Dandara Temple

Dadara is the Arabic ame of the aciet Egyptia tow of Iot, ad the importace of Dadara is that it was the mai ceter of worship of the goddess Hathor, who aloe the aciet Greeks with their god Aphrodite. The temple of Dadra is oe of the best preserved Egyptia temples, a verse i architecture, a uique example of the arts ad a comprehesive book of Egyptia religious thought. The oldest buildigs discovered so far date to the era of Kig Khufu, which built the mai chamber of the goddess Hathor, ad some of the kigs of the aciet state of may additios, icludig the first kig without his ame i oe of the iscriptios, ad discovered aother cabi datig the eleveth Dyasty ear the The preset temple dates back to the Greco-Roma era ad is believed to have bee built for about 34 years. The temple of Dadara is oe of the few temples i which three triad are worshiped; the first is the Hathor Triad ad the secod is the Uzir. The temple is famous for the astrological scees o the ceilig, as well as the may scees depictig kigs ad emperors offerig offerigs to the gods. The temple also features vaults built i walls ad foudatios, ad there are also Salma leadig to the roof.

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