Royal Jewelry Museum

The Royal Jewelery Museum is located i Alexadria’s Zezeia district, oe of the most uique Europea-style architectural objects. The buildig was origially a palace for the oble Fatima al-Zahra, oe of the obles of the upper royal family that ruled Egypt from 1805 util the revolutio of July 1952. The palace cosists of two wigs east ad west coectig the corridor, ad surrouds the buildig garde. I 1986, the palace was trasformed ito a museum with a large collectio of royal jewelry ad rare atiques of the upper family. The museum offers te halls, more tha 11,000 pieces of the fiest ad most precious jewelry ad royal atiques, such as decoratios, medals, gold ecklaces, watches, smokig sets, gold ad platium decoratios ad gems ad semi-precious stoes, Gold driks, ad diamod swords.

Alexandria National Museum

The Alexadria atioal Museum is located i the heart of Alexadria, oe of the most uique architectural artefacts. The palace buildig was origially a palace for Asad Basili Pasha. The palace was built i the Italia architectural style ad remaied there util 1954. It was purchased by the America Cosulate. I 1996, the Supreme Coucil of Atiquities purchased it ad was reovated ad opeed as a museum i September 2003. The atioal Museum of Alexadria offers a uique collectio of atiquities o three floors. It cotais more tha 1,800 artifacts coverig most of the historical stages of Egyptia civilizatio, from the era of the aciet state to the moder era. The museum also features a uique collectio of submerged artifacts foud durig excavatios at Abu Qir Bay, Alexadria.

Crocodile Museum

The Crocodile Museum is located i frot of the Kom Ombo Temple, which was dedicated to worshipig the god Sobek, which takes the crocodile body. The museum reviews a umber of aspects of Supak’s worship ad related mummificatio of alligators ad other rituals. The museum icludes a model of a crocodile cemetery, a large umber of crocodile mummies of differet ages ad legths, as well as coffis used to cotai the mummies of this sacred aimal, ad paitigs depictig the offerigs of Sopek.