Shali Village

Located i the Siwa Oasis southwest of the city of Marsa Matruh, 306 km from Matrouh provice, the history of the village of Chali Bsiwa to the sixth-seveth cetury AH / twelfth – thirteeth cetury AD, ad sice that date settled Siwiu village ad surrouded by a wall ad called the ame Shali ad meas dialect Siwa “fort city”. The village had oly oe etrace located i the orth to be able to defed the village ad called “Bab Asal” the door of the city, ad after about a cetury opeed a secod door i the souther side called “Gate of the ruis,” the ew door, was used by those who do ot wat I frot of the heads of families who used to hold their coucils ear the mai etrace of the city. A third cetury later, a third door was opeed o the orther side, called the door of Qadouha, which was reserved for wome. The Siwiites were buildig their houses with krushive; the mud was take from the soil saturated with salt ad if it dried it became very hard.

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