Princess Ferial Palace

This palace, i its architectural style, is a example of the Reaissace, i which the Rococo style is characterized by the features of Islamic architecture Built i the secod decade of the twetieth cetury did ot fid a more specific history of its costructio The palace was amed after Pricess Ferial ursery after Pricess Ferial, the daughter of Kig Farouk. The palace was owed by the Rashid family The palace has four facades, the most importat of which is the orther façade, where they fid the mai etrace to the palace. These façades are decorated with vegetal ad geometric motifs, huma shapes ad black heads. The iterior cosists of a basemet with three floors Basemet cosists of a hall ad four rooms ad the aother hall with three rooms, ad the first role is Salamql arrive to a marie freeway with a door opes to a hall with four rooms ad the aother rectagular room with two rooms ad a room with a toilet ad a corridor leadig to the outer courtyard, ad the secod role is similar ad similar With the first roud 0 , Ad the third floor is a rectagular louge with ie rooms 0 The mai etrace of the mai etrace to the orther façade leads to the first floor by a double stairway. The secod etrace is located i the south side. It is the ower of the palace ad the third etrace is i the east. The ceilig of the palace was decorated with iro beams ad decorated with plaster i the iterior. The plaster was used i the decoratio of most of the palace’s ceiligs The floors of the palace at the time of costructio are furished with white marble. This is evidet from the marble remais. However, there was a lot of alteratio i the floorig o the floors, ad the marble was replaced with moder tiles i most of the palace floors.

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