Archaeological Museum of Matrouh

The Museum of Archeology of Matrouh was established inside the Egypt Public Library in Matruh Governorate in cooperation with the Governorate to shed light on the city of Marsa Matrouh and its rich history throughout the ages.

The total area of ​​the museum is 728 square meters, divided into two floors. The museum includes many artifacts that highlight the achievements of the kings of Egypt during the different ages, the most important of which is the Pharaonic period such as securing the borders and the establishment of fortresses and castles in the western border area of ​​Egypt; highlighting the historic importance of the area which is the gate of Western Egypt in addition to its role in fishing and trade and its relationship to its neighbors, The light exhibits on the desert goddesses. The museum presentation scenario also deals with other topics such as astronomy, science, and philosophy.

The museum shows the most important kings of Pharaonic Egypt who came out of the land of Sohag. It also sheds light on the ancient Egyptian religion and the pilgrimage to Abydos, in addition to the popular heritage of the province and its most important characters and industries.

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