Temple of Philae

The island of Phila is of great importance to the ancient Egyptian because of its distinguished location. It and Aswan formed natural geographical boundaries. They are known in Egyptian texts as the dividing line. The word “Philh” is derived from the Greek word “Velaye” meaning “beloved” As an “Anas al-Hayat” for its association with folklore stories, the efforts of the Nubian Salvage Fund succeeded in transferring the entire effects of the island to the neighboring island of Agelika.
The temple of Isis is the main temple on the island, where a quarter of its territory is built. King Ptolemy II built another smaller temple, which was also dedicated to Isis and dedicated to the soldiers protecting the southern borders of Egypt, which many Ptolemaic kings contributed to its construction.
The island also has a temple devoted to the worship of Hathor, as well as the “Nakhtenbo I”, as well as the “Tehraka”, which was also built for Isis

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