The three pyramids area and Sphinx

The area includes three pyramids (the Pyramid of Khufu – Pyramid of Khafra – the pyramid of Menkaure) as well as the famous statue of the Sphinx.
The Pyramid of Khufu represents the maximum of the efforts and experiences of building the pyramids. This pyramid is not only the greatest of the Egyptians, but it also has the exceptional perfection in its architecture and accuracy in the layout and beauty of its proportions. It is believed that the levers were used to transport and lift these huge stones. The other lifting tools were not known at the time and were built by a large group of skilled workers and workers. Supplying them with temporary workers from the farmers throughout the year and not during the three flood months as I had previously thought. The current height of the pyramid is 137 m but its original height was 146 m, and its base square and the length of each side of 227 m.
The pyramid of Khafra shows the elements of the whole pyramid group. The temple of the valley is close to the houses of the town of Nazlat al-Samman, the ascending road and the funerary temple, whose walls were built of local limestone and the floor of al-Marmar. It also contains the famous Sphinx statue, which appeared as a new element that was not repeated. Khafra pyramid is characterized by the presence of a part of the outer covering, which was clad in the pyramid, and the pyramid is not open for the visit now because of the work of restoration and maintenance.
The Mencaura pyramid was built on a cliff slope and made the place level with blocks of limestone.

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